British English TwitterBot

Building a Twitter Bot.

Building and Deploying a Twitter Bot

Seems the people at Twitter are “Player Haters” and have suspended the account :(

Was fun while it lasted!


Good morning Internets.

Last night on the way to a party, I was walking down the icy cold Berlin streets and was was struck with a cool idea.

I’d never built a twitter bot before, but figured it couldn’t be too hard. I have worked with the twitter API a few times and its pretty straight forward.
So, this morning, with last nights Gin n Tonics fermenting nicely into a comfortable Gin headache, I put together the British English Bot.

It periodically checks twitter for American spelt words, and offers corrective suggestions to the tweeter..

For example, If some unrefined, classless, oaf, were to tweet:

“I realize that British English is the best English”

The bot might well tweet him:

“@username I say old chap, do you mean ‘realise’? RT: I realize that British English is the best English”

Check it out :)

God save the Queen, etc.