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Hello, World.
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Today I want to share with you a little tool i put together a few months ago to help people in their “link development” campaigns.
One of the great ways to find new forums and blogs is by using some google search operators to check for certain “footprints” that forum software and blogging software often put on their pages. Remembering and typing out these footprints is a bit of a struggle for some people and not something that is easily scaleable in a team of people. With this in mind I thought it would be easier to develop something that could make this a lot easier and more time efficient. Hence, on the full moon underneath a double-rainbow, The Search Ninja was born…

The “Search Ninja” tool has two main functions.
Firstly it uses common footprints to build a google search query that will return backlink building opportunities that relate to your chosen keywords. For example choosing “forums” and using the keyword “Apple” will return you a google results page of Apple Forums.
For further refinement you can choose which country google you would like to query (such as,, etc) by clicking on the respective icon.
You can also choose whether or not you would like to restrict results to only those that have the respective top level domain of the country you are working in.
Ninja  Search

God Save the Queen

So far so good :)
Now on the results page you see a frameset, the bottom frame being the results page from our automatically generated search query.
In the top frame you have the ability to enter the details of the forum/blog you wish to comment on and record details such as username and password.
Along with this you have the option to set how many days from now that you would like to receive an email reminder with these details.
This is great because you can post to a ton of different places in one day then check back in a few days to see how your posts are doing. Also for forums its a great way to allow you forum accounts to age a little while before you post a link.
Reminder Bar

Reminder Bar

Once you have input your data and set the number of days in which you wish to be reminded then you can wait for an email like this to pop up in your inbox:
Reminder Email

Reminder Email

You can follow the link right out of your email and have a handy reminder on screen of your log in details.

Finally there is an Advanced Search feature which lets you choose your own footprints:

mix and match your own footprints

It’s really that simple :)
Jump in and take it for a spin Search Ninja
And whatever you do don’t click on Stealth Mode!