SEO battle

Montagues and Capulets

An SEO Battle among our interns

In SEO it sometimes feels like every day is an uphill struggle, a constant battle with Google to gain some movement in the search engine results, an all out war with your competitors for your targeted keywords.

With that in mind myself and my good work colleague Andres devised a cool plan to help teach our team of interns some great SEO skills with some real hands on experience.

I am a firm believer in learning by doing, getting hands on experience and testing out new techniques and tricks is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t. It’s all well and good to learn the theory of what is best practice in terms of good SEO but it is no substitute for real experience.
Since we work for a large multi-million dollar website, messing around and experimenting with all kinds of on page adjustments obviously isn’t possible.

A few of our SEO interns have their own personal blogs and we are able to give some pieces of SEO advice here and there but we really wanted to do something that could include all of them and have some competitive elements that made it more interesting.

With this in mind we created the ultimate SEO battle.

Our group of interns were split down the middle into two teams Montagues, and Capulets. I would head up Team Capulet with Andres heading up Team Montague.
We gave both teams a subdomain of this blog ( and, both identical in terms of SEO. Same host, same IP address, all same everything….

We then revealed our 5 new keywords (which were all a jumble of mixed up letters with no meaning in any language) and told them that each team had until the end of the year to fight it out with Google to outrank each other for those keywords.mistakes

Learning by Doing

I created a FTP account, a MySQL database, and a twitter account for each team and sent the access details to the self appointed CTO of each team. The rest is entirely down to the interns. Myself and Andres will advise and help our teams but agreed to keep ourselves 100% hands off in terms of the technical stuff.

Its exciting to see how each team will try to rank for the keywords we have given them and how they will work together to share and test their best SEO and Web Development knowledge..

You can keep up to date with the latest progress from the project @ProjectShakespeare or follow the individual teams at @TeamCapulet and @TeamMontague

The winner will be whoever ranks higher for 3 or more of the chosen keywords by the end of December 2011 on