Social Media Search Engine

Using Facebook and Twitter API's

Social Media API Powered Search Engine

So just a brief post to talk about a new little side project that I have put together.
SocialSearch is a little Social Media Search Engine that uses the Twitter, Facebook and Google Blog Search APIs to pull in posts/tweets/blogs related to the keyword you type in.
The page pulls in the various API data in PHP then loops over the array outputting the updates on the fly,
A little jQuery automatically reloads the API data at set intervals meaning the page is always up to date with the latest results.
At the moment the source code is a bit cluttered and clumsy so I wont be making it openly available but I plan to have a play around with the Facebook API some more and if there is any interest in it I will probably move it to its own domain.
OK that's all :)

P.S please don’t use it to try to find out the name of the premiership footballer that had the affair……
Just kidding, go nuts.